VIPER MAGA Carbon Fibre PVD Serrated N690

VIPER MAGA Carbon Fibre PVD Serrated N690

Razorine ® Gold - Brass Double-Edge Safety Razor - Made in Italy

Razorine Gold Brass Safety Razor DE MadeinItaly

Razorine Silver Safety Razor Chromed Brass DE MadeinItaly

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Razorine ® Silver - Mirror Polished Chromed Brass + Black Carry Pouch
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Razorine ® is the razor that was born in the wake of the great tradition of Italian barber schools. Conceived in design and functionality during the first half of the 20th century to give a practical and hygienic alternative to double-edge razor blade users. Today Razorine is back to delight the lovers of traditional shaving all around the world. Vastly improving the ergonomics and materials, yet preserving the classic spirit of this timeless razor. 

Razorine is proudly made in Italy, completely made of precious brass in every single component, as well as the hand-made polishing and the mirror chrome coating. Using the same techniques and often the same production machines of a bygone era. Razorine can be used with both hands, it is ideal for daily shaving, but it is also an indispensable barber tool. It offers the possibility to shave in total safety thanks to the bars of protection and the particular geometry of the head, that allows you to easily find the proper blade angle for the perfect shave!

Razorine ® is a registered trademark and a patent design.

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