Bringing you Life’s Little Luxuries Online

Meet Mr Fine and Mrs Fabulous, who journey to the ends of the earth in perpetual search of the good things in life.

Mr Fine, the quintessential discerning aesthete, loves nothing more than discovering artisanal kitchenwares, handcrafted confectionery, or hunting down the origins of an authentic gentleman’s knife & iconic cutlery, to prepare and enjoy a gourmet meal & fine wine.

Mrs Fabulous is the consummate hostess and trendsetter. Outgoing, joyous and generous to a fault, she is famous for throwing oh-so-stylish parties for her friends and family and derives great pleasure from showering them with beautifully crafted gifts that are as pleasing to give as they are to receive.
Welcome to their world of Fine & Fabulous, striving to bring you Life’s Little Luxuries Online